The Pink Project!

Hi and welcome to my blog, I'm Paula Storm, the Ambassador for Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines in Australia. 

It's Pink Month!

Husqvarna Viking along with our parent company Blessington are supporting the McGrath Foundation by creating the PINK PROJECT!

 All of our brands Ambassadors are creating some really beautiful FREE projects for you to create.

The idea behind the project is to get all of us with sewing skills and big hearts to create a special project (or lots of special projects) to be donated to the McGrath Foundation. These will then be distributed to people who really need some comfort during their ordeal.

When it was time for me to create my project I did lots of googling and research to find out what would be most useful for Breast Cancer Sufferers. I found that having a soft cushion that could be placed under the arm can be a huge help. It gives pain relief and protection from accidental bumps.

These cushions can also be placed between the breast and a seatbelt strap or cuddled to the chest for comfort or again protection from bumps.

I decided that a Butterfly shaped cushion would be the perfect shape.

Because we are all different shapes and sizes, I designed the cushion so it has both a small and large groove that would fit perfectly under the armpit.

 Can't you just imagine how comforting it would be to cuddle a cushion made from Minky or Flannel!

I decided to pretty up my cushion a little with some appliqué, but if your an awesome human being and making up tonnes of these beauties, you could of course leave off the appliqué. Or maybe you could use Accuquilt shapes to add hearts or other fun shapes to your cushions.

If you would like to help out and make up some of these cushions I have created a free pattern for you.

Heres just a few tips before you get started:

1. I would just suggest that you don't use metallic threads or anything that could aggravate the skin (buttons etc.).

2. I suggest buying pillows and cutting them open to use as the stuffing rather than fibre fill. I prefer Tontine pillows as they are relatively inexpensive. I also like the pillows that are washable, so the finished cushion can be thrown in the washing machine.

3. Please use polyester thread when sewing the front and back of the butterfly together. A cotton thread will break as soon as you start stuffing and putting stress on the seams.

  Ok lets get started

Pink Project Butterfly cushion Pattern


30cm x Width of Fabric for Background

1 x Fat 1/8's of top Wing fabric

1 x Fat 1/8's of bottom Wing fabric

Scraps of Butterfly body fabric

Fusible Web

Template Plastic

Fabric Marking Pen

Threads to match appliqué fabric

Polyester thread to match background fabric


1. Print out this pattern, (click here for the A4 pattern, or Click here for the A3 pattern) make sure you print it out at full size. There is a 1" square printed on the page to check you have printed it at full size.

2. If using the A4 pattern, join the two pages together and trace the design into the template plastic. Carefully cut out the template on the outside line.

3. Take the background fabric and put it right sides together.

4. Place the template on your background fabric and trace around the design. DO NOT cut on this line, this is your sewing line!

5. Cut out the shape making sure to add a 1/4" seam allowance. Set aside while you prepare the appliqué.

6. Take the Fusible web and trace the 2 x wing shapes and the body shape.

7. Iron the shapes onto your appliqué fabrics and trim to size.

8. Using the template plastic as a guide, place the appliqué fabrics into position and then iron them into place.

9. Using matching threads, sew around the outsides of the appliqué shapes to secure them. I used a blanket stitch.

10. Place the backing fabric on top of the butterfly front, using the traced guideline sew the two layers together. Make sure to leave a gap for turning.

11. Snip into all of the curves, making sure you don't cut through the sewing line. 

12. Turn the butterfly right sides out and push out all of the seams. Using small amounts at a time, stuff the butterfly. I don't like to over stuff it as that can make it a bit stiff, but do fill it completely as the stuffing will settle over time.

13. Hand stitch the stuffing hole closed using a ladder stitch.

14. Add a cute tag to your Butterfly and get it ready to post off.

Send your completed cushion to: Blessington Head Office 

PO Box 254 

Seven Hills 1730

for distribution to McGrath Breast Care Nurses and their patients.

Thank you so much on behalf of myself, Blessington and the McGrath Foundation!

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