My baby girl, loves to sit up, she really doesn't like laying down, so I needed to come up with a way for her to sit up on her own. This donut is high enough so that she can fall backwards or forwards or sideways and she can still get back to a sitting position on her own. It is also heavy enough that it doesn't slide around on her. It makes for a very happy munchkin and therefore a happy mummy :)

She can also grab her rattles and squeeky toys and because they are on an elastic cord, they don't fall down or get lost and she can always grab hold of at least one of her toys. They are also detatchable, so you can put one on babys wrist and they can take them where ever they go.

PDF Download - Sit MeUp Donut - Original

  • Requirements:

    • 4 x Fat Quarters (18” x 22”) of coordinating fabrics, plus 1 extra if
    making insert.

    • 80cm of co-ordinating stripe fabric

    • Matching Polyester thread. You must use polyester and not cotton
    as cotton is not strong enough to support the stress of stuffing.

    • ¼” or 6mm elastic

    • Good Quality polyester fibre fill or pillow stuffing. It takes around
    3 pillows or 1kg of polyfill to stuff your donut.

    • 2 x 1 ½” Rattle inserts, 2” x 1 ½” Squeaky toy inserts (see my shop to purchase)

    • General sewing supplies

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