Hi I'm Paula Storm. I design sewing patterns and tools for Quilters and sewers. More importantly though, I'm a mum to the 4 most beautiful children on the face of this planet.

Not that I'm biased or anything. ;) 

I use smiley faces and apostrophes way too often and I love making YouTube videos. I'm also dyslexic so please forgive my terrible spelling!



















My babies are Molly, Chloe, Jack and Emma

About me

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My story:

I live in the most amazing place in Australia, the stunning South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.


I began my working life as a Radio Announcer in Outback Qld and travelled around the state working in the Radio Industry. When I met my Husband Tom, we decided to move to Victoria to be closer to my dear old Dad. We were desperate for a family and were blessed almost immediately with our Daughter Molly. Chloe soon followed.


I had always been creative and wanted to find a career that made use of my creativity so I began a Tafe course and eventually ran my own Nail business, specialising in Acrylic Nails and nail art. Then around 12 years ago I had a fall which was both the best and worst thing that ever happened to me.


I’ll save you the details, but 6 years later I was still in and out of a wheelchair, and awaiting more surgery. I don’t often let myself feel sorry for myself though, because without that little puddle of cordial, I would never have found my true calling.


Working with fabric and keeping my hands busy through all those hospital stays and Doctors visits has kept me sane.


At first I tried knitting and Crochet but I found it too slow. My Mum was the one who suggested I try sewing and Quilting in particular. I thought she was crazy and asked how on earth I could possibly use the foot pedal on a sewing machine with my leg stuck up in the air in a brace and being wheelchair bound. Mum being Mum of course said ‘What’s wrong with your other leg!’ So I taught myself to use my $99 Kmart sewing machine with my left leg. Still to this day I use my left leg to work the foot pedal while I'm sewing, although I have since upgraded to a much fancier Machine. ;)


I had 2 more beautiful babies after my fall, Jack my amazing son and then my precious Emma. There is simply no better feeling than seeing my children wrapped in a Quilt that I have made, or dressed in clothes I’ve created from scratch, thankfully they are still young enough too actually like wearing things I make.


My current passion is making quilts in a new and different way. I think that in Australia we as quilters have an amazing opportunity to break out of the mould and create our own look and style. We have so little Quilt making history of our own, which I think is a huge benefit. We are able to break the ‘rules’ and non-quilters are starting to realise that Quilts are more than just a blanket for your bed. We don’t ‘need’ to make quilts to keep us warm, instead we are creating works of art.


I hope you’ll enjoy my work.


Hugs Paula

© 2020 by Paula Storm Designs. 

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